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Fluidmesh products are successfully in use across the globe to stream data, video and voice from remote locations and moving vehicles. Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems (ARMS) is a gold level partner that supports railroads’ design and implementation of Fluidmesh projects with certified RF engineering, and domain expertise.  ARMS also provides integrated systems and comprehensive kitting with Fluidmesh products.

Some of these successful applications – including intermodal yard cranes, classification yard communications, lift bridge safety, freight and transit rail and other difficult connectivity projects are profiled on the web page:  Fluidmesh Success Stories.  As the rail Internet of Things continues to develop, Fluidmesh will play a critical role by bringing broadband connectivity to sites and in environments that are today too hard or large to connect, such as high-speed moving trains, large spans of rail wayside, distributed infrastructures and environments with complex connectivity.

License-Free Broadband Wireless
Fluidmesh fixed and mobile wireless networks do not require any governmental license to be deployed and used. Users can connect a wide area at 500Mbps without waiting for any third-party approval.

Cost Effective
Fluidmesh track-side network can leverage the existing poles and towers. Moreover, the Fluidmesh mobile transmission protocol, FLUIDITY allows on-board radio device to switch to a cellular or satellite technology when the train is in an area not equipped with FLUIDITY trackside technology.

Highly Reliable and Secure
Fluidmesh innovative transmission protocol is built to overcome the limits of standard wireless protocols security and to deliver an infrastructure that reduces risk from hackers. Thanks to its proprietary protocol and AES encryption, Fluidmesh is a trusted vendor of the US Army, US Navy, and many other military forces around the globe. This level of performance makes Fluidmesh the foremost choice to manage unmanned metro and subways using CBTC technologies, intermodal crane operations, movable bridges and the like where security is vital.

Interferences Free
Fluidmesh radios are fully certified to transmit only on designed frequencies. Fluidmesh wireless products are designed to create no harmful interference to other radio technologies operating on different channels. Additionally, the Fluidmesh proprietary transmission protocol copes with the negative effects of environmental interference, providing reliable streaming in interference-dense environments. This makes Fluidmesh a leading choice for railroad intermodal terminals, classification yards, transit stations and busy urban or industrial environments.

Intra-train Wireless Bridging
Fluidmesh Intra-train Wireless Bridging Solutions for Heavy Commercial Rail and Passenger Rail. End-to-end broadband connectivity is an increasingly common requirement in both heavy commercial rail and passenger rail. As a leader in wireless rail communication systems, Fluidmesh has developed a wireless Intra-train solution that supports up to 500 Mbps of available throughput and aims to solve many of the intra-train connectivity problems faced by today’s rail operators.

High Speed Vehicle Connection 
Fluidmesh mobile transmission protocol FLUIDITY can connect an on-board radio roaming at up to 225mph. Nobody is able to beat the performances of Fluidmesh track-side wireless technology with hand-off below 3ms and no packets dropped.

Wi-Fi Connectivity On-Board
Fluidmesh patented fast-roaming Multiprotocol Label Switch (MPLS) trackside technology can deliver more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity up to 500 Mbps to fast moving vehicles, with a seamless handoff and no service disruption.  It is one of the first technologies already deployed along high speed railroad with trains travelling at 300 Km/h as described in the paper Fluidmesh published at the World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) in May 2016. With Fluidmesh, rail and transit agencies can transmit real-time video from on-board security cameras, and deliver reliable Internet on-board, real-time passenger information, on-board entertainment, and digital advertising.

Wireless Train Control and CBTC
Fluidmesh’s unique fast failover technology, TITAN can guarantee secure and continuous connection to provide confidence needed to run automatic train operations.

Extend Connectivity Through Tunnels
A Fluidmesh FLUIDITY network can reach where 3G/4G LTE networks can’t – like in tunnels. FLUIDITY performs with no flaws by taking advantage of multi-path with its MIMO-based radio technology and dual-polarized track-side and on-board antennas.


FM 1200 VOLO

FM 1200 VOLO

Powerful Wireless Backhauling


FM 1300 OTTO

Long Range Wireless Bridge


FM 3200 ENDO

Suitable for Industrial Vehicles


FM 3200 BASE

Point-to-Multipoint Network


FM 4200 MOBI

Fast and Stable Vehicle Connectivity



High Speed Rail Antenna