RBS Locomotive Battery Charging and Care Solutions

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The RBS team has an in-depth understanding of locomotive starting power issues. We work closely with trusted product experts and engineers inside our key Partner Companies and Select Vendors to meet all railroads’ demanding needs.

QuickCharge Portable Select-a-Charge Plus, 64 or 32 Volts, 20AMP

Float charger to use in shop or onboard. Front panel programming allows users to select charge profiles for either flooded or VRLA batteries. ARMS can provide this charger integrated with the Canadus Battery Energizer to keep batteries healthy and maximize battery performance and life.

Separate DC cable assemblies are available for use with this charger:

  • 30ft extension cable with SB175 connectors on opposing ends
  • 15ft cable with heavy duty clamps and SB175 connector on opposing ends


  • Efficient, linear charge design
  • Reverse polarity protected and current limited
  • LED indicators provide charge status and assist troubleshooting
  • 100% copper transformer heavy-duty rectifiers
  • 5ft output cable is finished with SB connector; AC plug is installed on the power input cord
  • Includes separate 15ft cable with an SB175 connector and insulated clamps; plus, a 30ft extension cable with SB connectors
  • Optional full-charge audible alert
  • Indication: Charge status LED, Volt/Amp meter
Locomotive Battery EHi Charger

GNB EHI Charger for Locomotive Batteries

This charger is sold through partner company, Railroad Battery Services (RBS).

  • 64V,125A / 32V,125A (Voltage Driven)
  • 480VAC, 3P Input, Other Input Options
  • CEC Certified
  • VRLA or Flooded
  • Smart Charging, Safe Charging
  • Real-time Clock, Calendar
  • Logging History
  • Computer USB Interface
  • Includes 10ft cable set finished with an SB350 connector

Separate cable sets for use with the GNB EHI charger are also available:

  • 40ft extension cable with SB350 connectors on both ends.
  • 6ft battery-connect cable set with an SB350 connector on one end, and HD alligator clamps
  • 2ft battery-connect cable set with an SB350 connector on one end, and fully insulated, heavy-duty narrow mouth (stinger style) clamps for connecting to knife switch on the other end.
Battery Watering Valves

RBS Single-Point Watering System for Locomotive Batteries

These are the ONLY watering systems designed specifically to work on ALL MAJOR brands of starting batteries, and to survive the extreme temperatures and vibrations on locomotives. Frequent locomotive starts demand aggressive charging which results in increased water use within the batteries. Maintaining the proper level of water in each cell is essential to ensure cranking amps are available.

Easier & Superior Maintenance

  • Ensures all cells are watered – including those in the very back of compartment
  • Maintainer can complete watering tasks in about one or two minutes
  • Will automatically ensure the correct amount of water is delivered to each cell, every time
  • Typical install requires only about 15 minutes
  • Standard hose and coupler connections available

Designed for Operational Safety

  • Designed to allow for electrolyte expansion to help eliminate dangerous acid spills
  • The ONLY single-point watering system that provides internal flame arrestors
  • Eliminates the need to lift or remove a battery from the compartment before watering
  • De-gas chamber allows normal release of gasses

RBS – Railroad Battery Services, Inc.

(Special Partner Company to ARMS)

RBS specializes in world class battery services and associated products designed to maximize battery performance, life, and health:

  • Battery chargers
  • Comprehensive battery storage and charging program for out-of-service locomotive batteries
  • Desulfation service
  • Capacity testing
  • Battery site audits
  • Maintenance training
  • Single-point locomotive battery watering systems
  • Desulfation equipment
  • Conductance testers
  • Spill containment systems
  • Battery care accessories
RBS Battery Nurse

RBS BatteryNurse™ Systems

RBS BatteryNurse™ systems provide high-performance testing and charging for optimal battery health and reliability. Systems are designed to maximize process flow within each facility so that locomotive batteries can move expediently through the stages: Triage > Watering > Bulk Charge >Test > Float Charge. This creates a store of qualified batteries that are available for immediate service. The BatteryNurse™ system prevents installation of bad batteries or improperly charged batteries that could cause no-starts and require redundant maintenance.

RBS specializes in the highest caliber products and services to help railroads obtain optimum performance and viability from their locomotive starting batteries.

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Canadus Locomotive Battery Desulfator

Safe, proven and patented High-Frequency Battery Energizing (HFBE) technology that combats battery failure by eliminating sulfation problems, the primary reason for battery deterioration. Easy to install and use; no special tools are required. When batteries are charging, Canadus battery energizers draw energy from the charger (DC side) and automatically work to keep the battery plates clean.

  • 32V & 64V
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Operating Temperature: -45°…+85°C
  • Green LED indicator
  • M10 (3/8″) ring terminals