ARIO - ARMS Remote I/O


ARMS Remote I/O powered by ClearBlade is an Industrial IoT Gateway with smart I/O to measure, monitor, and report status of remote assets to the Back Office.

  • Connect anything

  • Extreme scalability

  • Proven security

  • ITCM compatible

ARIO Remote I/O
Powered by ClearBlade

Protocols: TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, CAN Bus, Echelon, ITCM, MQQT, others.

Ario features (8) isolated Digital Inputs, (8) isolated Analog Inputs, (4) Relays, (1) RS-232/RS-422/RS485 port, (2) Ethernet ports, (1) USB-B port.
Optional integrated communication devices (Cellular, LoRa, GPS)

Ario expansion modules can be connected via Modbus TCP/IP to increase I/O by (8) isolated Digital Inputs, (8) isolated Analog Inputs, and (4) Relays. They can be located at the same site or remotely as long as they are on the same network.

Ario Industrial IIoT Gateway module allows user to connect to legacy equipment and other manufacturer’s I/O.

Measure, monitor, and report status of remote assets to the back office.

Monitor and report status of crossing lights, gates, power, battery voltage, battery discharge test, temperature, flasher site lines.

Connect legacy grade crossing controllers and equipment and deliver to back office in a common format.

Perform routine tests of crossing equipment every time a train passes.

Monitor and report health of hand throw switch machines via sensors.

Monitor sensors on passing railcars such as hot bearings, hand brake, truck alignment, container breach.

Monitor and report bridge structure integrity, slide fences, high water detector, rail integrity, snow melter and lubricator status.

ARIO RR Crossing